Deebees Rosettes, the Designer rosette collection.

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  • This is our Deebees Signature Rosette!  It can be made up with any combination of ribbon colours and designs. But we love our bumble bee special!

  • These are a few more of our designer rosettes.  You can have these with any colour and ribbon design of your choose, so let you imagination go wild!

  • More of our designer range, showing our truly unique Thistle Rosettes!

  • For a rosette that is really different we can pleat lace with ribbon.  This gives a really unique look to you rosettes.

  • Here you can see a rosette with a Prima outer and 3 tiers Elizabethan pleat to the centre.  With some loops and stars added, this is a really smart rosette!

  • Our Stars Rosettes are truly unique and always prove a real show stopper!  You can have fun with the colours and make a really stunning rosette that will be cherished by it''s new owner.

  • A few more of our more unusual rosettes to set your show apart from the rest.  Have fun with our huge range of colours and designs!

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