Deebees Rosettes - Champion Rosettes

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  • We have an extensive range of Championship Rosettes, and really the sky is the limit with these rosettes, but here are some ideas!  They can be made up with a combination of the rosettes designs, with a huge range of colours and designs. 


    Here are some more ideas... 


    To the left is a 3 tier Prima with a tier of loops and stars.


    To the right is a 3 tier Prima with a tier of loops.

    And in the middle is an oval Prima with a 4 tier starburst in the centre.

  • Using gold and silver metallic ribbon in your rosette gives a fantastic effect and makes a really stunning rosette. Also in this picture you can see the froofroo centre, which gives a different look to you rosettes.

  • Pictured is a 3 tier Prima with stars and tartan.  A really special rosette, I am sure you will agree!


    Here are some more ideas for you Champion rosettes.


    In this photo we have a 3 tier Royale with a double layer of stars behind, a really effective Champion or 1st place rosette.


    Next there is a 1 tier prima wth stars behind.

    And then the Deebees Champion Prima with large loops and stars to the centre.


    Here are some more ideas..


    Here we have a 3 tier rosette with a tier of stars and 2 tiers of Elizabethan pleat to the centre.

    In the middle a 3 tier Prima with stars and a 2 tier prima with stars.

  • Using gold ribbon in these rosettes gives a fantastic "flashy" rosette. These rosettes show 3 different loops and stars design added to a Prima Outer and Elizabethan pleat inner.

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